Indian business tycoon plans a £1 billion cultural centre ‘like no other in the world’ for Silvertown

10th April 2018

Silvertown regeneration may be taking a turn for the psychedelic, with plans for a £1 billion ‘peace theme park’.

The Essel Group, a conglomerate specialising in media, entertainment and infrastructure, has submitted a proposal to take over the 62-acre Silvertown site from its current developers.

As part of the ambitious plans, head Dr Subhash Chandra wants to build a 14-acre cultural centre with a museum, theatre, shops, restaurants, a botanical garden and hotel.

The centre would be nature-inspired and reflect the history of 6,000 years of ancient civilisations.

The Essel Group’s Parul Goel said: “With Brexit looming, this kind of investment into the UK represents a massive coup for the Greater London Authority and the London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The cultural centre will be like no other in the world, and we aim to put this part of London back on the map.”

To learn more about the grand plans, read the full interview with Dr Chandra in next week’s copy of The Recorder.